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You may have noticed that one of the data points we presented in our May newsletter was that our clients were admitted to 175 different colleges.  Why is this number relevant or important?

  • It illustrates that our clients apply to a broad spectrum of colleges, because we personalize each client’s search to find colleges that are a great fit for them academically, socially and emotionally.
  • It shows that we give each client individual attention – often more one-on-one attention than their school counselors have time to give them – as we help them develop their unique list.
  • It shows that we help our clients present themselves effectively.

One of the valuable assets our team brings to families who work with us is our extensive ‘college knowledge.’  Our counselors spend lots of time on the road each year, visiting not only the big-name, highly selective colleges many families know, but also colleges we consider to be ‘hidden gems.’  They may not evoke the same bumper sticker gasp as the better-known names, but then again, they may be the place where your child discovers his/her passion, makes lifelong friends, and begins the process of developing professional skills and relationships.  The place where s/he feels at home.  Where everybody knows his/her name, as it were.

As we travel, we try to get a feel for each college, the students who succeed there, and the students each college seeks as they build their freshman class.  This is how we help students broaden their lists, and ensure they have choices in the spring of their senior year.

An added benefit of this travel is that our team knows which colleges give merit-based scholarships, and which colleges limit their aid to those with demonstrated need.  Our clients are often offered merit money that bring the cost of out-of-state colleges down to the price of an in-state public university.

We’re not here to tell you that you can’t guide your child through his/her college search process without outside help.  But our experience gives families options they sometimes didn’t even know they had, and our hands-on guidance almost always makes the process more organized and less stressful for everyone.

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