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I was watching CNN last week when the new Pope was selected.  Anderson Cooper was out in the crowd in St. Peter’s Square and found three American students who were all studying abroad in Rome right now.  One was an Emory student from Los Angeles.  What an amazing time to be studying in Rome!  You never know what will happen in the part of the world where you happen to be.  It could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Study abroad is one of the most frequently asked questions of colleges and of college tour guides.  Most colleges will have student tour guides talk about their study abroad opportunities on the tour, and most will tell you either that it can actually be less expensive to study abroad because living expenses are cheaper, or that your financial aid will carry with you for the time you are abroad, or both.

Many colleges will tell you where they “rank” among other schools for sending students abroad.  When I was in San Diego a few weeks ago, both San Diego State University (large CSU/public school) and University of San Diego (mid-sized private/Catholic school) said they were #1 in study abroad – and both were right (to an extent).  San Diego State sends more students abroad each year than any of the other Cal State campuses.  University of San Diego sends a higher percentage of students abroad – 80% – than any other college in California.  A few colleges – just a few – require students to study abroad (Goucher College in suburban Baltimore, MD is one of them).  While some colleges allow students to study abroad through other college programs, NYU has facilities in 12 major cities around the globe – on 6 continents – where students can study at their “home school.”

CNN’s Cooper interviewed two Villanova communications students who are currently interning in the Vatican press office later in the day, after Pope Francis had been introduced.  Click the link below for the story.  What an amazing experience for them!!

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