Video Blog: College Visit Tips!

I visit colleges frequently, and people often ask me why I visit so many, and how I keep them straight in my mind.  I’ve posted this short (< 3 minutes!) video with a few tips on visiting colleges.  Here are a few more college visit tips from a previous article.

Click below to download the college visit tracking document I referenced; and below that is a short brochure with some questions you might consider asking that go a little bit beyond what your tour guide’s script might prepare them for (but remember it’s perfectly fine for you to talk to random students in the quad, cafeteria or residence hall if you want to get a different viewpoint than your tour guide’s!):

Magellan College Counseling – campus visit packet
questions to ask on a college visit

Here’s where you can find our photo albums and write-ups on the colleges our team has visited:

Good luck with your college visits!

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