College Tour Dos and Don’ts

In my last blog post, I recommended that you visit colleges, and gave you some tips on how to make the best use of your tours. Today, I’d like to offer some more specific “dos” and “don’ts” for when you and your student visit.

College tour DON’T – put the phones away, just for an hour.

• Register for the tour
• Sign in with the admissions office when you arrive
• Talk to other students who aren’t tour guides
• Eat lunch at the student dining commons if you can
• Ask questions that are not easily answered by reading a college’s website
• Ask questions specifically about the student tour guide’s experience – that’s what they are there to share with you!
• Keep track of your impressions of each college – after touring a few (or a hundred++ as I have….), they will all start to blur together in your head.  You can use the document below (click to download) to keep track of what you liked about each school.

Magellan College Counseling – campus visit packet

Don't wear other school stuff
Leave the University of Michigan sweatshirt at home when you tour other colleges.

• Wear another college’s gear on your tour
(Parents) Make a big deal out of being an alumnus/a of the college – this tour is about your student getting to know this college, not a trip down memory lane for you! I promise there will be a way for your student to let the college know that they have a parent who is an alum on the application
• Text or take phone calls during the tour (this goes for both parents and students – I have seen both)
• Ask questions that the tour guide has already answered (I have seen this happen when a tour participant was busy texting and missed what the tour guide said)
• Ask questions that pertain only to your particular situation
(you can do this when you return to the admissions office)

Happy Spring Break and enjoy your college visits!!

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