College ROI

This is the final of our three-part series on paying for college, college financial aid, and merit aid.

In this video podcast, Certified Financial Planner Aaron Kirsch interviewed me about college ROI – the return on investment of going to college, and more specifically, choosing a higher cost college over a lower cost alternative. 

We discussed some widely-held myths about college ROI, including competitiveness and employability of certain majors, what employers are looking for in new hires, how college rankings are calculated (more on that here, and btw, it’s not a measurement of the actual quality of the education that colleges provide!), and the cost of public vs. private colleges.

QUICK TIP:  One of the biggest myths out there is that private colleges cost more than publics.  This is definitely not always true, and it should factor into your college ROI conversation.  

Finally, Aaron and I talked about the parents’ role, both financially and otherwise, in helping their high school student build a college list.  This conversation mirrors the one I had with Lynn O’Shaughnessy in the second part of this series (in which, totally coincidentally, I was wearing the same blouse!) in which we discussed college cost and whether you’ll get the ROI you want by paying for a “name brand” college.

We hope this series on paying for college, college financial aid and merit aid has been helpful as you and your family navigate the college admission process.  As always, feel free to get in touch if you need a little guidance or support!

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