College Financial Aid

College financial aid is a complicated issue, and it seems like there’s almost too much information out there, making it difficult to figure out what applies to your family’s situation.  We’ve curated some resources here to try to simplify the issues, and so you can have a number of resources related to college financial aid all in one place.

This first video is a podcast.  Financial advisor Aaron Kirsch interviewed me about the ROI – return on investment – of going to college, and more specifically, choosing a specific price range of college over a lower cost alternative.  The podcast is about 22 minutes.

This second video is a webinar that we offer for our clients; we do a live version every year so people can ask Q&A, but we recorded this webinar without live participants, and it’s just about a half hour.  We clarify how the need-based side of financial aid works, while also giving you some tools to help determine which colleges give merit aid as well.

We hope that all of these resources help you understand college financial aid, how it works, and how it might apply to your family’s situation.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you’d like a personal consultation.

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