Resources for College Essays

School’s out – it’s time to start your college essays!  Can’t figure out where to start?

Here are a few quick links to resources to help you brainstorm as you begin writing your college essays!

College essays are the vehicle through which college admission officers can learn about the person you are.  Your transcript and test scores tell part of the story, but your essays let them hear your voice.  Your job is to let your personality shine through, so that they can visualize the person you will be – the classmate, the roommate, the teammate – on their campus.  In many cases, college essays can make the difference between being admitted or not.

The Common Application and the UC application open on August 1.  The more you get done before school starts again in August/September, the less stressful your senior fall will be!!  Let’s get those college essays underway so that you have time to revise them and make them awesome!

If you have a rising senior and you’re in the Los Angeles area, we invite you to our college essay brainstorming workshops this weekend, and to our additional application boot camps and essay workshops in August.

Please get in touch if you are interested in getting more personalized help with your college search and application process.  Our job is to make the entire process more organized and less stressful for students and parents.


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