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As college counselors, Magellan College Counseling helps students and families navigate the college search process.

The college admissions process – getting into college – has become stressful and complicated, not just for teenagers, but for their families as well.  Magellan College Counseling helps students and families explore, prepare for and apply to the colleges that fit them academically, socially and emotionally.  We do it by de-mystifying, simplifying and organizing the college admissions process. Our college counseling services result in a more robust and less stressful college search, and often, more college acceptances.

When to Start Working with A College Counselor

Part of the frustration in the college application process is knowing when to start, where to start and how to proceed. Some high schools don’t offer college counseling assistance until the fall of students’ senior year, and unfortunately, many families students end up with a more stressful application process, and poor results.

We find that beginning as early as the 9th grade, we are able to help high school students select their classes, find and apply to summer programs, optimize their extra-curricular activities and discover their passions.  All of these factors impact their college applications, and the earlier we begin, the more options each student has. In fact, when students wait until their senior year to begin their college counseling, they often miss out on some great scholarships.

That is why we take an early, organized approach to college counseling: we want every student to have the best opportunity to find the colleges that fit them best.

What We Do at Magellan College Counseling

Like the famous explorer of the same name, Magellan College Counseling can help your family navigate the path to college.  We work with students and their parents throughout the process to:

  1. Guide students as they explore college options in search of schools that would be a good place to pursue their education (“fit/match”);
  2. Help students present the most advantageous college application package, maximizing their chances of earning admission to their top choice college(s);
  3. Organize the process for both students and parents by task and timeline, minimizing stress.
  4. In the fall of the student’s senior year, weekly meetings help us ensure that every detail of their application – essays, teacher recommendations, transcripts, and the applications themselves, are completed and submitted long before the deadlines.

If your student is in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, you’ve chosen a great time to begin college counseling. And if your student is already a high school senior, don’t worry.  We have accelerated college counseling programs created especially for you to maximize your opportunities and choices for a great college career.  And while we offer in-person college counseling in Boston and Los Angeles, we also offer remote college counseling near you, too.

Either way, begin today.  We have workshops, hourly and comprehensive packages.  Click here for more about the college counseling services we offer.  We look forward to working with you.

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