College Applications – HIT SUBMIT!

It’s November 1, and some of my clients have already been accepted to college!

While most of the attention we pay to the college application process has to do with stress and anxiety, and a handful of highly selective colleges, the reality is that 70% of the colleges in the U.S. accept more than 70% of the students who apply.  Many of those colleges require a simple online application, submission of high school transcripts and test scores, and possibly a teacher recommendation or an essay.  There’s no reason not to get these applications in NOW!

Every student should have at least one college on their list where they are confident they will be accepted – and more than one is better.  This means honestly evaluating grades and test scores – just being within a college’s accepted student score range does not guarantee acceptance.  Having “safe” schools on the list will ensure that you will have some choices in the spring, when all students must decide where they will go to college.  (May 1 is the national deadline for students to submit their Statement of Intent to Register – all colleges have this deadline except for students who apply Early Decision, a binding process in which students declare their intent earlier.  Click here to read about the difference between Early Decision and Early Action.)

Submitting college applications is scary.  Students put their grades and accomplishments out there for judgment.  Before now, the only judgment to which they have been subjected is that of their parents and teachers.  Somehow, an official letter from a college or university is more scary – and for that reason, they procrastinate and delay until the very last minute.

But getting applications in early has rewards!  Many colleges have rolling admissions  and most colleges – yes, MOST – will tell you they are looking for reasons to admit, not reasons to reject.  The sooner you send them everything they need, the sooner they will send you the happy news!  Don’t underestimate the power of receiving that first acceptance letter – even if it’s not from their top choice school, or yours – it sure will feel good.  Celebrate that first acceptance letter and all of them.

What a great feeling – November 1, and already accepted to college!

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