Middle Tennessee State University

Located just 30 miles from Nashville, Middle Tennessee State University is a gem for those interested in a handful of speciality majors.  MTSU’s Aviation program has a direct connection with Delta Airlines, and a small airport just 2 miles from campus, so students interested in the professional pilot program funnel directly into jobs.  Additionally, MTSU has a fabulous air traffic control program whose graduates are recruited for top air travel market jobs.

MTSU’s music industry program takes advantage of the close-to-Nashville location, with students able to attend and work on shows coming through the area or on campus.  There are about 200 concerts on campus each year, and the College of Media and Entertainment has its own production truck and their own record label.  There are also 2 full radio stations on campus – one student-run campus station, and one NPR affiliate.

There are only about 135 students in MTSU’s theatre program, which is a BS, and which does not require audition for freshman admission.  They have a musical theatre minor, which does require a voice audition.  Focused on helping theatre students thrive, not just survive, the school brings in professionals to help with portfolio development (all students must have an online portfolio as a graduation requirement), interview skills, and other professional development.

Middle Tennessee State University has just invested in a huge new science facility (400,000 square feet!); the natural sciences are popular, although mechatronic engineering (sort of like robotics) is the only engineering option.  There’s also an honors college, which gives students the opportunity to have smaller classes (general education classes within the Honors College are capped at 20 students) and interaction with faculty.

About 3,000 of Middle Tennessee State University’s 15,000 undergrads live on campus.  There are Division 1 sports and great school spirit here.  Only about 10% of students are from out of state, but for the right student interested in any of these programs, MTSU could be a great fit!

Evelyn, Debbie, Lesa and Diane visited MTSU in fall, 2019. You can scroll through all of the photos from their visit below.

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