Washington & Jefferson College

Thirty miles outside of Pittsburgh is Washington, PA, home of Washington & Jefferson College, a small (1,140 students) liberal arts college encouraging a close-knit community. Eighty percent of classes have fewer than twenty students, making it ideal to form relationships with professors and collaborate with classmates.

Students are required to live on campus all four years, in themed housing. Students don’t need a car, but most bring one to campus. The campus is one block away from the quaint town of Washington. Steeped in history, Washington & Jefferson maintains historical buildings, including one built in 1793, but don’t let the historical buildings fool you! W&J has state-of-the-art lab and technology facilities.  

W&J is considered a launching pad for students pursuing medicine, law, and MBA degrees.  Professors “hound” students to pursue research or internship opportunities. W&J also offers accelerated programs with the Pennsylvania Colleges of Optometry and Podiatry. Engineering students can take advantage of the 3-2 engineering program with Case Western Reserve, Columbia, and WashU in St. Louis. 

One of Washington & Jefferson College’s defining programs is the Magellan Project (unaffiliated with Magellan College Counseling!), which provides funding for 100 students to pursue summer research projects or internships in the US or abroad. W&J has a robust mentorship program that offers alumni mentors and career coaching – support is provided on many levels and over the course of all four years.  Each first-year student is paired with a “Success Consultant” (in addition to an advisor and student mentor) to assist with adjusting to the demands of college life. 

For a small liberal arts college, W&J has a wide range of academic offerings, including biology, chemistry, nursing, English, business administration, and economics. The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, graduated from Washington & Jefferson College with an economics degree. 

Washington & Jefferson is ideal for serious students who want close relationships with faculty and peers. W&J offers a small-town campus within proximity to a large city.  Students considering graduate school should research W&J for the support and education needed to fulfill their goals. 

Magellan counselors Lesa and Kathy visited Washington & Jefferson College in the fall of 2023.  You can see photos from their visit below.


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