University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma, OU, is the perfect example of a college that has everything your high school student is probably looking for:  big spirited athletics, with championship teams in multiple sports, wide academic offerings and a parklike campus with attractive architecture.  Boomer Sooner – OU has it all!

Oklahoma University is an active research institution which allows students the opportunity  to start research in all disciplines as early as freshman year.  With over 170 academic programs ranging from architecture and aviation to nursing, journalism, business, engineering, performing arts, health sciences, and the standard social and natural science offerings.  OU has the top-ranked undergraduate meteorology program in the nation, and their petroleum engineering major is ranked #4.

OU is large – there are 22,000 undergraduate students.  But most classes are fairly small – the average class size is 32, and the student to faculty ratio is 17:1.  Only 4% of classes have more than 100 students.  There’s an active Greek system here – about 30% of students 

Walking around campus, you see diversity.  Lots of opportunities to learn about different cultures through student groups and activities.  There are over 500 student groups here, and given Oklahoma’s large Indian population, the campus hosts one of the largest Native American Pow-Wows in the nation.  Norman is also a city of festivals!  There are annual jazz music and chocolate festivals, and easily accessible downtown Norman has lots of restaurants and shops.

Magellan counselor Lesa Weber at the OU Chi Omega House – she lived here for three of her four years on campus. Her freshman year she lived in the dorms. 

About 10% of University of Oklahoma students are in the Honors College – you can start as a freshman, or you can enter after you’re already enrolled on campus.  Honors classes are capped at 22 students per class, so students in this program are able to build relationships with their professors right away. Honors students are required to do a research project, supervised by a professor, to graduate with Honors, and to maintain a 3.4 GPA.  Honors students often have opportunities for paid research or internships with professors, and an Honors dorm is available, but Honors students are not required to live there.

University of Oklahoma reviews applications holistically.  The MAJORITY of the review process is based on students’ academic rigor, including GPA, course selection, rank, and test scores – about 70% of the admission decision is based on these factors.  They require an essay and strongly suggest students submit a letter of recommendation.  OU is test-optional, but test scores are required for scholarship consideration.  

Norman is approximately 30 minutes from the Oklahoma City airport, and there are direct flights to Oklahoma City from Los Angeles (LAX).

Lesa is an OU alumna; she and Evelyn visited in the fall of 2023.  Boomer Sooner!  You can see all of the photos from our visit in the album below.

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