Oklahoma State University

Our Oklahoma State University tour guide, sophomore Kenley, was an animal science major who has already been admitted to OK State’s veterinary school through the assured admission program she applied to in her senior year of high school!  She can still choose to attend a different vet school if she chooses, but this option is here for her if she wants it.  

Oklahoma State is a huge campus, and over 70% of its students are from in-state – the second largest group of students hails from neighboring Texas.  OSU has a more “cowboy” feeling over other colleges in OK, and you’ll find more “small town” Oklahoma resident students choose to attend OSU over OU.  About a quarter of students participate in fraternities and sororities here, and while the Greek system very definitely plays a large role in the annual homecoming festivities, students say you can absolutely have an active social life here without being involved in Greek life.

Not surprisingly, this land grant university has strong biological research and agriculture programs – the new Ag building on campus will have a creamery in it, which will feature cheese and ice cream made with OK State’s cows’ milk!

Oklahoma State University has an assured admission program which will help you see if you will be admitted. They also have four-year renewable non-competitive scholarships that are ASSURED.  if you know you’re coming to OK State, you’ll want to submit your enrollment and housing deposit early, because your housing priority is based on when you deposited.  New dorms are under construction, and students say the food options on campus are great!  Oklahoma State University is generous with merit scholarships.  Most scholarships need an official test score, and most require an essay and resume.  The business school is the most generous school for scholarships.

Honors students enjoy some perks within this large campus community.  The ~4,000 participating honors students get priority enrollment each semester for class selection.  They also enjoy smaller classes and meet separately with professors for specialized research and professional development opportunities. There are also special residence halls for honors students, which have community-building spaces like study areas, community kitchens and student lounges.  There are no additional fees to be involved in the honors program, and you can join at any time in your career here at Oklahoma State University. The honors application is embedded in the OSU main application. 

Lesa and Evelyn visited Oklahoma State University in fall, 2023.  You can scroll through the photos from our visit below.

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