UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte student fitness center
UNC Charlotte student fitness center

UNC Charlotte calls itself “North Carolina’s urban research university.”  With a 1,000-acre campus located on the north side of town, UNCC has 29,000 undergraduate students, and growing.  Charlotte is the largest city in the state, as well as the 16th largest city in the U.S., but more importantly, it’s the 3rd largest banking center in the country, and 270 Fortune 500 companies do business here.

Charlotte’s light rail will stop on campus as of spring, 2018, which will bring the campus even closer to the opportunities in the city.  For business students, UNCC is an ideal option, as they will enjoy on-campus recruiting and significant ties to the financial community.

UNC Charlotte has about 29,000 undergraduates, but with a 19:1 student-to-faculty ratio, the average class size is about 35.  Intro courses will have 100 or more students; both of my tour guides had classes in the 200-student range, but there are only 7 lecture halls on campus that hold this many students.

Academics at UNC Charlotte

The Belk College of Business has the largest number of undergraduates, and the College of Computing and Informatics is the largest in the Southeast.  Nursing is highly competitive, and the College of Health and Human Services has majors in public health, athletic training and health systems management.  The College of Engineering has a concentration in motor sports, which shouldn’t be a surprise, since NASCAR is headquartered in Charlotte.

You’ll be in good company if you’re undecided here – a third of students are undecided, and University College gives undecided students support and advising as they decide what academic direction to go.

UNC Charlotte academic quad
UNC Charlotte academic quad

Students in UNCC’s University Honors program enjoy smaller, more discussion-based classes and priority registration.  Admissions officers are looking for students at the top of the pool, who have challenged themselves with Honors and AP courses in high school, in the Honors College’s separate application.

UNC Charlotte – The Student Experience

UNC Charlotte has Division 1 sports, with strong school spirit.  The Greek system is also large here, and 90% of students take advantage of Charlotte’s many opportunities for internships and other experiential learning options.

Admission to UNC Charlotte

Admission here is heavily based on grades and test scores.  Admission officers are looking for more than one test sitting – they are interested in students who challenge themselves to improve both in their curriculum and their test scores, so take the SAT or ACT more than once, and send them all your test scores.

Apply early (they’re not on the Common App; they have their own application).  UNC Charlotte will give you your admission decision in January (or earlier!) if you submit by November 1; if you apply any later, you’ll hear back by April 1.  You can (and should) apply for housing even before you hear you’re admitted; about 80% of freshmen live on campus; it’s guaranteed to be available but not required, and better housing options go quickly.  The $200 housing deposit is refundable before May 1, should you decide to enroll somewhere else.

Neither essays nor teacher recommendations are required, although if you need to explain something about your academic progression or grades, the admission office encourages you to explain on your application.  UNCC has its own application; they are not a member of the Common Application.  Middle 50% SAT and ACT scores are 1130-1280 and 22-27 respectively, and the middle 50% of unweighted GPA is 3.2-3.7.

UNC Charlotte is a great place for self-directed, independent students who want a big, spirited campus, a well-known name and access to an urban environment.  Go Forty-Niners!

Evelyn visited UNC Charlotte in January, 2018; you can scroll through her campus photos below.

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