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I visited Ithaca on a beautiful fall day with a friend who is an independent counselor in Seattle.

Founded in 1892, Ithaca College began as a music conservatory, and still maintains deep roots in artistic disciplines like theatre, music and communications.  But 2600 of Ithaca College’s 6000 undergraduates are humanities and science majors, and they would like to be better known for their efforts in these areas.  Ithaca’s model for students is “Theory, Practice, and Performance,” a philosophy that allows students to explore academically in the classroom and then go out and get real life experience through jobs and internships.  Ithaca’s goal is to ensure that all students are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation.  Ithaca student Jenna Harner explains what “Ready” means to Ithaca students as she discusses her hands-on internship experiences:

Ithaca College has a very strong exploratory program for students who don’t know what they want to study yet.  This program allows students to take up to two years to select their major – and Exploratory students actually have priority for class registration.  All students participate in the Integrated Core Curriculum (ICC), which gives students a breadth of experience across disciplines through exploration of themes, different from many colleges’ core curriculum.  You can see the very extensive list of majors here.

There is no Greek system at Ithaca. Students here are welcome to join fraternities and sororities at nearby Cornell (but most don’t), and they are able to take up to 12 class credits there as well (many do).  So campus life is developed around clubs and organizations – sports, clubs, culture, arts.  Campus traditions include going to see Ithaca’s beautiful gorges, and seniors swimming in the fountain at the entrance to campus right before they graduate.

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Seniors swim in the fountain just before graduation day.

Only about 26% of applicants submit their test scores to Ithaca College, which is very serious about being test-optional.  They are happy to review your test scores, or not.  Nothing additional is required if you choose not to submit them.  Demonstrated interest counts at Ithaca – that means reach out and introduce yourself to your admissions counselor in their office!  They are very happy to speak with you and answer questions you may have.

Ithaca’s campus is very attractive.  Five colleges – schools of business, communications, humanities/sciences, music and health sciences and human performance – make their home on this hilltop, with a view overlooking the rest of the city.  Most of the buildings are newer, though the dorms did look a little dated.

You can see all of my photos of Ithaca College here, and there are a few other videos of an a cappella group at Ithaca here.
Visit date: September, 2014.

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