Hamilton College

Located in the small town of Clinton, NY, Hamilton College is a beautiful small liberal arts college with a rare and highly desirable academic feature:  like Brown University, Hamilton features an open curriculum.  With the exception of the three writing courses all students are required to take, Hamilton College students are free to explore whatever classes they want during their four years here.

Because of the college’s small size, about 2,000 undergraduates (and no graduate students), Hamilton College students enjoy close relationships with their professors; the student-to-faculty ratio here is 9:1.  All students live on campus all four years here.  About 20% of students join Greek organizations, but there are no fraternity or sorority houses.

Hamilton students are definitely an intellectual bunch.  About 45% lean towards STEM interests, with the remainder primarily interested in the humanities and social sciences.  All students have the opportunity to conduct research, and STEM students average 3 publications by the time they graduate.  The campus is not incredibly racially diverse, but they are tremendously friendly to students on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Hamilton College is a member of the NESCAC, the New England Small College Athletic Conference, which is one of the most competitive conferences in college sports (arguably more competitive than the Ivy League).  About a third of students play one of the Division III varsity sports, and another third are involved in club or intramural sports.

Hamilton was originally all male, and in the 1970’s they took over the adjacent women’s college, Kirkland College, which students now refer to as the ‘dark side’ of campus, because when it was in operation, Kirkland had a ‘lights out at 9 pm’ policy.  Partly because of the merger of the two schools, the architecture at Hamilton College is eclectic, with some very old buildings, original to the 1800s, and some sleek newer buildings rounding out the campus.

Magellan’s counselors visited Hamilton College in spring, 2024.  You can scroll through all of the photos from our visit to this stunning campus below.

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