Binghamton University

Binghamton University mechanical engineering lab
Binghamton University is well-known for STEM-oriented research.

Part of the 64-campus State University of New York system, Binghamton University is a lively mid-sized campus with about 14,000 undergraduate students. Known for their engineering, business and nursing programs, Binghamton also offers strong liberal arts and humanities programs like psychology and history.  Binghamton is a Tier 1 research institution, which means they have a strong flow of federal funding to support faculty research, so there’s a big emphasis here on including undergraduate students in those research opportunities.  STEM programs like computer science, biomedical engineering and data science are particularly strong here.

While about 75% of the students are in-state residents, the campus is definitely not a commuter campus – most students stay on throughout the school year, with the exception of longer holiday breaks like winter and spring break. Binghamton has an active Hillel and a large Jewish population, so the school gives students Jewish holidays off.  About 20% of students join social Greek fraternities and sororities.

There’s tons of school spirit at Binghamton – it definitely has a big state school vibe.  While there’s no football team here, hockey is the big sport everyone supports, similar to many colleges in the hockey-obsessed Northeast.  Binghamton University’s location just a few miles away from the downtown area of a small city gives students opportunities for dining, shopping, jobs and internships.  Our tour guide Jackie told us she had a job, an internship and a leadership position on campus all in her first semester of being here!  

Binghamton University is one of the three SUNY campuses that are considered the ‘flagships’ of the system.  Magellan’s team of counselors visited on a beautifully sunny spring day, and students filled the quad, playing spikeball, frisbee, tossing balls around and hanging out in hammocks.  Of course this area of central New York experiences the full force of winter, so students are beyond excited when “Springhamton” finally arrives!

There is a small regional airport in Binghamton, but the larger airports are about an hour away in either Ithaca or Syracuse.  Magellan counselors visited Binghamton University in April, 2024.  You can scroll through our photo album below.

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