Missouri University of Science & Technology

Missouri University of Science & Technology is one of only 16 technical schools in the U.S., a cohort that includes Georgia Tech, MIT, Colorado School of Mines, and CalTech.  With 17 engineering majors available, Missouri University of Science & Technology offers STEM students a broad variety of options to explore and pursue their engineering dreams.

Missouri University of Science & Technology
Missouri S&T recently celebrated 50 years of Engineering Management and 100 years for their Aerospace Engineering department.

While 75% of Missouri University of Science & Technology students are in the College of Engineering, there are significant academic options in the College of Arts, Sciences and Business, including STEM- based teacher certification.  Business majors are all required to minor in IT.  Technically, Missouri University of Science & Technology is a liberal arts campus; all students take a core curriculum with writing, humanities and history requirements.

Missouri University of Science & Technology focuses on giving students hands-on design experience, recognizing that this is how they will get jobs after school and succeed in the workplace.  This focus on hands-on learning helps MS&T bust the myth that you’ll only get a good job after college if you go to a highly-selective, nationally-ranked college.  From orientation, the very-active career center helps connect students with the many major employers with whom the center has active relationships; two of the largest career fairs in the Midwest take place on the Missouri University of Science & Technology campus and over 1100 companies recruit here.  MS&T consistently ranks high for those looking for a strong return on their college investment, and starting salaries for graduates rival those of the top tech-focused schools in the nation (really – we mean it!).  For example, Boeing hires the second largest number of engineers from Missouri University of Science & Technology, second only to its local major research institution, the University of Washington.

Engineering students will take three semesters of common coursework, and have exposure to all of the different engineering disciplines.  Because Missouri University of Science & Technology is a medium-sized university (about 6000 undergraduate students), class size is small: 2/3 of classes have 30 or fewer students, and the average lab section has 19.  Freshman year classes will be larger, but professors are very hands-on and accessible.  “If a student graduates from my department and I don’t know them,” Dr. Susan Murray, chair of the Psychology department, said to me during my visit, “I feel like I’ve dropped the ball.”

What’s Different and Unique About Missouri University of Science & Technology?

There are 18 competitive design teams on this campus – 20% of students are involved in some way.  Design teams aren’t just for engineers!  Each team has business and marketing plans, so non-engineers can participate as well.  These are national and international design programs you’ve heard about – solar house, cement canoe, Mars Rover, formula SAE cars.  MS&T’s 2017 solar house was such a strong contender that it was actually purchased at the competition.  The design team office on campus is open to students 24/7, and staffed during business hours.  These teams plan for victory in their respective competitions!

Admission and Scholarships to Missouri University of Science & Technology

Missouri University of Science & Technology
St. Patrick is the patron saint of engineers, so every St. Patrick’s Day is a huge holiday at Missouri University of Science & Technology!

MS&T has rolling admissions, and when you submit your application, transcript, test scores and app fee, you should hear a decision within two weeks!  Missouri University of Science & Technology is definitely not one of those schools that is looking for a way to reject you – they want ambitious students who can succeed at a high-level.  They’ll review your transcript and test scores to ensure that you are prepared for the rigorous (mostly) STEM-focused curriculum, and if your GPA and test scores show you’ve mastered the prerequisites, you’ll be admitted quickly.

Missouri University of Science & Technology has generous merit-based scholarships that range from $10k to $13k, which will bring the tuition costs, which are lower than many out-of-state public universities to start.  MS&T also offers diversity scholarships to women and those from minority backgrounds.

Evelyn visited Missouri University of Science & Technology in February, 2018 for a 2-day extended counselor tour.  You can scroll through all of her photos below.


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