Boston College

Founded in 1863, Boston College has just over 9,000 undergraduates and about 5,000 graduate students on their Chestnut Hill campus in suburban Boston.  The city is about a 20-minute train ride away.

Known for its strong academic programs, Boston College is on of the 27 Jesuit colleges in the U.S., and students will feel a religious vibe throughout campus, including in their academics. There are about 140 Jesuit priests on staff.  Students in all four undergraduate divisions (business, arts & sciences, education and nursing) will take 16 courses in 10 different academic areas to satisfy Boston College’s core curriculum.  There is a philosophy/theology requirement; however, many students come to BC having not been involved in religious life beforehand, and they feel welcomed on this campus.

Boston College emphasizes reflection and discernment.  Students are challenged to grow, and to think about why they believe what they believe.  They are also encouraged to think about WHO they are becoming, as opposed to WHAT they are becoming.

There’s no Greek life at BC, but there are tons of clubs and activities, as well as Division 1 sports, so campus life is active.  Students describe BC as “warm, welcoming, friendly,” and you’ll be invited into campus organizations whose interests you share.  Community service clubs are the largest and most active groups here.  The vast majority of students live on campus, which adds to the feeling of community.

Admission to Boston College

Boston College receives nearly 30,000 applications each year, and their freshman class is about 2,300 students.  So admission is very competitive.  BC is looking for students who have challenged themselves in rigorous courses during high school, and done well in them.

They’re also looking for students who have been involved deeply in a few activities – not 10 – and who can contribute to their community.  Boston College does have a supplemental essay as part of their application, and your response will help them decide how well you fit into the class they are trying to build.  Admissions Director Grant Gosselin offers some excellent advice which you can apply to Boston College and to your college admission process in general, in the video to the right.

Several of Magellan’s counselors have visited Boston College, and we’ve had several students attend, including the two Southern California students in the photo gallery below!

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