Earlham College

Earlham College
Carpenter Hall at Earlham College

Earlham College is a small liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana, which is in the eastern part of the state, bordering Ohio.  It enjoys the distinction of being one of the forty select Colleges That Change Lives.  Earlham has 659 undergraduates, and the goal is to increase enrollment to 1,400, where it had been prior to the early 2020s.  There are no graduate students or teaching assistants.  With a healthy $800 million endowment and strong alumni support, Earlham is excited about its future growth.

Founded by Quakers in the mid-1800s, Earlham continues to operate on Quaker principles even though there are few Quakers left.  As such, students are deeply cared for and receive a lot of individualized and collective attention.  Students report feeling strongly supported and receiving significant opportunities for mentorship. As part of their Quaker identity, Earlham operates on a consensus model, giving students a voice in expressing any of their concerns, and also in relevant campus decision making. 

Earlham’s Epic Journey consists of student-faculty research, and experiential learning that spans all four years.  The Epic Advantage, which is a part of the Epic Journey, awards students with an additional $5k to use to further their education as they wish. 

The Joseph Moore Museum is the largest employer on campus and is run by students. It is quite impressive given the school’s size.  Earlham has a robust Museum Studies Program whereby students can choose their specific education track.  The second largest employer on campus is Miller Farm, a fully student-run, sustainable vegetable farm. 

Students share the fruits of their labor with the Richmond community at the local Farmer’s Market. Earlham also owns and supports a student-run co-operative equestrian barn.  It is the only student-run equestrian program in the country.  The college owns twelve horses and students are also able to bring their own private horses to campus. Students can minor in equestrian management, getting  hands-on experience working at the barn.    

Some standout academic programs at Earlham include its Japanese language program and its pre-health track. With a Japanese major, students spend their first two years on Earlham’s Richmond campus, then they spend a full year at the University of Waseda in Japan.  They return to Earlham for senior year, where they graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Earlham, and then go back to the University of Waseda for a fifth year to earn a second bachelor’s degree!  The pre-health track major offers a host of research opportunities, and the college reports a 100% acceptance rate to medical school.

Student life is central to the Earlham experience.  There are lots of activities going on on-campus, including sporting events, game nights, movie nights and events hosted by the adjacent Earlham student houses.  There is no Greek system, but the upperclassmen themed houses are a large part of campus life.

Admissions is on a rolling basis and students receive admissions results within a couple of weeks after submitting an application. The average GPA is 3.76 and the middle 50% have a 1160-1350 SAT score, for those submitting scores (Earlham is test optional).  Merit aid ranges from $30-$40k.  The academic profile of a student receiving the largest sum of aid is a 4.0 gpa and a 1250-1600 SAT, along with outstanding community involvement, extracurricular activities, and strong letters of recommendation. 

Earlham is a richly diverse college with a strong international and student of color presence.  Additionally, students of all religions, sexual and gender orientations are welcomed and feel right at home here. 

Two of Magellan’s counselors visited Earlham College in spring, 2024, and you can scroll through their photos of the campus below.

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