University of Idaho

The University of Idaho is on the smaller side for a public flagship university with just over 11,000 students. While the majority of students come from in-state, they have a good number of international students, as well as about 20% of students coming from out of state.

Located in Moscow, Idaho, the University of Idaho is just over the border from Washington, and literally 10 minutes from Washington State University in Pullman, about an hour and a half south of Spokane in eastern Washington. Because of its location east of the Cascade mountains, these schools have weather that feels more like the east coast than the Pacific Northwest; there’s snow in the winter (for several months!) and dry and crisp in the summer and fall.  The football stadium is indoors!

University of Idaho has over 200 different major and minor combinations.  The Albertson College of Business also includes the Economics major.  Pre-health undergraduate students, for example, have access to the University’s cadaver lab, whereas at the larger WSU just a few miles away, the cadaver lab is reserved for graduate students.  Engineers here at the University of Idaho have their own tutoring, and all students are assigned academic advisors, with whom they must meet each semester before registering for the next semester’s classes.  Engineering programs are NASA-accredited, and interesting majors include Industrial Robotics and Nuclear Engineering, among others.  University of Idaho is well known for its Senior Capstone Design program, in which seniors participate in interdisciplinary design teams.  Idaho’s Lionel Hampton School of Music offers majors and minors, and students who do not major or minor in music are still able to participate in the university’s orchestra and ensembles.  University of Idaho’s 200-member marching band is pretty incredible (take a minute and watch the video!)!

Size is an important feature of the University of Idaho experience – the small community means there’s a very supportive vibe on this campus.  A large percentage of students join Greek organizations – about 30% – and you can live in your fraternity or sorority house freshman year if you want. 

Magellan counselors Chris, Michelle and Evelyn visited the University of Idaho in spring, 2023.  You can scroll through our photo album below.

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