Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has two campuses – one in downtown Atlanta (about 2,100 students) and the main campus in Savannah (about 9,000 students) on the main campus in Savannah, GA.  Students may apply for admission during any academic quarter, and may study at either campus for the same tuition.  Many students spend time on more than one campus during their four years at SCAD, and housing is available at both campuses.

Overall, SCAD offers more programs of study and specialization than any other art and design college in the U.S. with 40 different majors.  In January, 2017, I visited the Atlanta campus, which offers students the opportunity study, intern and work among the burgeoning digital media and film industry markets in the area.  Atlanta is also a fashion hub, and SCAD has 1500 garments in its collection – including historical and designer clothing – so students can check out different pieces and study design and construction.

Interior design students learn construction basics so they can work well with architects and builders.

SCAD Atlanta’s interior design program is also strong, with innovative labs that help students learn how to design ADA-compliant spaces, as well as lighting and fabric labs.  SCAD also has a strong furniture design program.  The work spaces are very collaborative, and SCAD students are paired with faculty advisors as soon as they to campus.  All visual arts students take an entrepreneurial and brand management class, which focuses on helping them present their work, and SCAD student artwork is displayed throughout the city of Atlanta, as well as in multiple galleries on campus.  SCAD’s extensive career & alumni job resources help make their graduates highly employable – 98% of students are employed within 10 months of graduation.

Interestingly, SCAD does not require a portfolio for admission.  They are interested in bringing well-rounded artists to campus, so they want a resume that details students’ contributions to their high school and larger community, along with transcripts, test scores and biographical information.

Scroll through my photo album below to see the campus and student artwork!

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