Lynn University

Lynn University, a private liberal arts university with 2,800 undergraduates in Boca Raton, Florida, boasts international flair with flags of all nations ringing the grassy entrance to the main admissions building.  In fact, 75% of the 2500 undergraduate students hail from out of state and nearly 20% are international students.  With a goal of graduating students who are equally socially confident and socially conscientious, Lynn University emphasizes writing and presenting equally in its coursework.  Lynn proudly offers small class sizes, no lecture halls, no grad student teachers, and no tenure for faculty as evidence of the focused learning opportunity for students.  The faculty to student ratio is 17 to 1, and the average class size is 15.

While Lynn University offers 29 majors, many students opt to major in business, which has concentrations in international, aviation, sports, fashion and retail, and entrepreneurship. Other top majors include Psychology and Criminal Justice, and Lynn’s Conservatory of Music offers options for students pursuing the arts.

Lynn’s Admissions office is very professional.  Everyone was very pressed and polished in appearance and communication.  Equally notable was the friendly nature of everyone from the entrance gate guard to the student volunteers and the admissions representatives.  Admissions representatives stress that they really look for students who are active in their community through service, sports, and leadership, as well as demonstrating interest in Lynn.

Lynn University currently requires students to live on campus the first 2 years but the university plans to have students on campus all four years with the completion of the upperclassmen dorm.  Given the relatively quiet surrounding area, the strong campus community matters.

One of only 5 universities noted as an Apple Distinguished School, Lynn University has earned a spot on the US News Top 20 innovative universities list.  Although the library remains fully stocked with research materials, you won’t find students hunched over textbooks or dragging heavy backpacks.  Every Lynn University student is issued an iPad where all textbooks are downloaded and professors often airdrop lecture notes.  My student tour guide, a sophomore, said he had spent all of $27 on books so far at Lynn.  This policy ends up saving students thousands of dollars on books by the time they graduate.  They’ve even removed the word “bookstore” from the name of the campus store.

Academically, Lynn strives to provide meaningful, applicable courses in their freshman general education providing course offerings in sync with a student’s major.  For example, the basic science requirement might be satisfied with an Intro to Sustainability course.  Lynn’s Institute of Achievement and Learning, with its own building and a substantive staff of 56, is #3 in the country, and is there to help students with learning differences succeed in this college environment.  Students may be assigned peer mentors, staff mentors, academic guides and/or an academic coach.  My tour guide shared stories of his roommate’s success in overcoming learning issues related to dyslexia through academic support and technology provided for his iPad.  Lynn University is well known for its strong support for students with learning differences.

Recognizing the rising costs of college, Lynn initiated a 3-year degree program. Since inception, 600 students have enrolled with a 92% graduation rate.  High retention and graduation rates have a lot to do with Lynn’s hands-on advising—the school monitors class attendance and performance.  Lynn also has a Center for Learning Abroad and a Career Connections Office.  Students can take advantage of career advising at the beginning of their freshman year, and Lynn currently supports 540 internships worldwide.

Fay visited Lynn University in spring, 2017; Evelyn visited in winter, 2019, and Caleb and Melanie visited in spring, 2023.  You can scroll through photos from all of their visits below.

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