Barry University

Sometimes overlooked by the better known and larger universities in South Florida, Barry University is a medium sized college in a safe residential neighborhood in Miami Shores, a suburb north of Miami.

Barry University Academics

Barry is organized into five undergraduate colleges on the Miami Shores campus; they also have a law school in Orlando and a podiatry  school.  Undergraduate students come from 30 states and many different countries; there are a good number of international students from Caribbean countries here.  The most popular majors are psychology and nursing.  Barry University also has strong business programs, including sports management and international business.

The School of Education and Social Work offers one of the few opportunities for students to become certified in Montessori teaching at the primary, middle and secondary levels.  Education students are out in the field by the end of their freshman year with classroom assistant placements, and we cause of Florida’s teacher shortage, almost all of them are employed at graduation.  The social work program is five years.  The learning center is adjacent to the library, and students can seek free tutoring in English, reading, writing and math.

In meeting with both a student and a professor, it was clear to me that the faculty on this campus takes a strong and active interest in helping their students succeed.  There are no lecture halls at Barry!  With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, professors really get to know their students.  My tour guide was an English major from Providence, RI, who had a concentration in professional writing.  As we toured the campus, we saw the university’s President, who stopped to say hello because he knew her by name.

Barry University is Catholic – but like many other colleges with a church affiliation, the environment is not heavily religious.  Students here are required to take one philosophy course and one theology course, from many interesting options.  Students are also required to do some community service at some point in their four years.

Student Life

Most students live on campus; freshmen are required to live on campus unless they live in the area, and they can commute (there is a small commuter population).  The freshman dorms are on one side of campus (right next to the student pool!) and the upperclassmen dorms are on the opposite side.

Barry University fields NAIA sports teams, and has a very active esports team!  Campus Ministry also plans a good number of events to keep students busy on campus.  Don’t be surprised if you encounter a petting zoo the week before finals, on the front lawn area!  The student union has a sport bar, and the nearby beaches are a popular weekend destination for students.

Admission to Barry University

Barry admits about half the students who apply.  It’s a great school for a solid B student, and it’s probably an option for students who started out high school with lower grades and have just started to hit their academic stride late in their junior year, or early in their senior year.  The cost of attendance is lower than most private schools, and Barry University is also generous with merit-based aid.

Evelyn visited Barry University in February, 2022.  You can scroll through all of the photos from her visit below.


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