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UUSFSF is a Jesuit school in the heart of San Francisco, just blocks away from the venerable Haight-Ashbury district.  They consider San Francisco to be their classroom; they say that the University is 243 small classrooms inside of one giant one.  While it is a Jesuit school, they have Rabbis on staff and offer a Jewish Studies minor.

USF has a commitment to social responsibility and academic rigor grounded by faith.  The school requires students to take one philosophy, one theology, and one ethics course during their time at USF.  Students are also required to do an internship while in college.  Pre-health students are guaranteed internships at UCSF Medical Center, and USF’s medical school acceptance rate is close to 90%.

USF has three colleges:  Nursing is a highly competitive DIRECT ENTRY program, accepting less than 40% of applicants.  Nursing students have the opportunity to experience immersion programs in Vietnam or Guatemala.  The school of Business/Management has a top 12 program in entrepreneurship, and 8 available majors, listed here.  With several hundred multinational corporations headquartered in San Francisco, students have a multitude of internship opportunities.  USF has both Master’s and an undergraduate degree in Data Science – the study of keeping track of data and helping companies make decisions as to how to use it.  This particular program is one of few like it nationwide.

USF’s School of Arts & Sciences has 36 majors; English and International Studies are among the most popular.  USF has a joint engineering program with USC; students take three years as physics majors at USF and then transfer to USC for 2 more years, where they earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

USF requires just one letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor.  The school considers itself an excellent place for B+ students and considers students’ transcripts heavily in the admission process.  USF is test-optional.  My tour guide chose USF over USC and NYU.

Immersion trips allow students to study abroad (or domestically, but away from San Francisco) for shorter periods of time, from 10 days to 3 weeks.  University ministry organizes many such trips, which are often service-oriented.  These trips are a highlight for many students.  Given that USF is in the middle of a major city, there’s a shortage of student housing.  Most freshman live on campus, and about half of sophomores, and the rest of the upperclassmen live off campus.  One tour guide mentioned that the campus is more active during the week than on the weekends.

USF has an excellent cross country and track team, and they excel in baseball.  Sports teams play at the Division I level, but students often mention the lack of school spirit at USF.

Both Debbie and Evelyn have visited USF.  You can see all of the photos from our visits in 2012 and 2015 here.

USF quad
The building on the left is USF’s main library, and the building under construction is now the Center for Science and Innovation – this photo was taken in 2012.


The Center for Science and Innovation. University of San Francisco. Magellan College Counseling
This is the Center for Science and Innovation in 2015!


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