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Seaver College is the undergraduate school at Pepperdine University, which has four graduate programs as well (business, law, education/psych, public policy).  There are about 3,200 undergraduates at Pepperdine’s Malibu campus; about 58% of them are native Californians.  My tour guide was from New Jersey – and though she was in her first semester when I visited, she said hello to numerous students as we walked across campus, giving me the feeling that the campus size allows students to get to know each other quickly.

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Pepperdine’s Malibu campus includes extensive athletics facilities and a state-of-the-art performance hall.

Pepperdine students can choose from 43 different majors, with the most popular being business administration, psychology, sports medicine, economics and political science.  Internships are required for some majors.  There is a general education curriculum, and three semesters of religion are required, but all are history-based (Pepperdine is affiliated with the Church of Christ).  All first-year students are required to take a Freshmen Seminar; convocation speakers talk about enlightenment and self-help topics every Wednesday (students are required to attend a specified number of these).  A Great Books series is optional and students can replace several GE requirements by taking it.

About 60% of Pepperdine University students live on campus; the dorms are single-sex and each dorm has 2 resident advisors as well as a spiritual life advisor.  The Greek system is very active (about 30% of students join) but does not overwhelm the social life.  The HAWC Center is open 24-hours, with a snack bar and study space keeping the place buzzing with activity.

Pepperdine strongly encourages students to participate in their study abroad programs, with campuses in 7 locations worldwide.  Students live together in housing owned by Pepperdine, and study all subjects with Pepperdine professors.

Faith plays an important role in the education at Pepperdine; students pursue spiritual and religious activities in conjunction with their education.  Applicants must write an essay about the role of faith in their life.

You can scroll through all of my photos from Pepperdine’s beautiful Malibu campus below.

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