Mount St. Mary’s University

Mt. St. Mary’s University is primarily a women’s college, with only the nursing program being co-ed.  With two campuses in the Los Angeles area, one in the hills of Brentwood and one in downtown Los Angeles, “The Mount” offers a wide variety of liberal arts majors, and is well-known for its nursing and health care programs.

Mount St. Mary’s Chalon campus

Over half of Mt. St. Mary’s students are the first generation in their family to attend college.  Eighty percent of students are women of color, and Mt. St. Mary’s offers both need-based aid and very generous merit scholarships to most admitted students.

The Chalon campus, located in the hills of Brentwood below the iconic Getty Center, is where most of the dormitories are located, and most of the undergraduate courses are on this campus.  The historic Doheny campus, home of the former Doheny Estate, hosts most of MSMU’s graduate programs, as well as their education credential program.  A shuttle runs between the campuses several times daily, as well as providing transportation for the Chalon students to both Westwood and the Exposition Light Rail line.

While Mt. St. Mary’s University is a Catholic school, they don’t require students to take any religion-based courses.  Students here are very focused on their academics and on ensuring they graduate and take steps toward their chosen career path.  Our tour guide at the Chalon campus was Amelia, a second-year nursing student who attended a large public high school.  She said one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard a tour guide say in years of touring colleges:  “I feel like I’m a better person here than I was in high school.”  To me, this is a huge testimonial for the kind of education Mt. St. Mary’s University is providing to its students.

Suzie, Sheryl, Melanie and Evelyn toured Mt. St. Mary’s Chalon campus in January, 2024, and Evelyn visited the Doheny campus in fall, 2023.  You can scroll through all of our campus photos below.

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