Marymount College

View of Catalina from Marymount Student Center

Formerly a 2-year college offering only Associates’ degrees, Marymount College is on the upswing.  With just over a thousand students, Marymount not only offers a full Bachelor’s degree program, but they will soon offer two Master’s degree programs in Community Psychology and Leadership and Community Development.  In two years, Marymount will launch their MBA program.

Perched on the beautiful Palos Verdes peninsula, Marymount students enjoy million-dollar views from their student center and cafeteria.  Our tour guide noted that students also enjoy two free tutoring sessions per week, per subject – all included with tuition.

Marymount student housing

In addition to the Palos Verdes campus, Marymount also has a small campus (housed within one building) in San Pedro’s waterfront community.  Many of the Media Studies department courses, including digital art and design, animation, and film production, take place at the waterfront campus, and a campus shuttle takes students between these two locations and student housing, a gate-guarded community of small homes which formerly served as housing for Naval enlisted men and their families.

An excellent choice for local students who don’t want to go too far from home, Marymount has a limited selection of majors (business, liberal arts, Media Studies, Psychology) but provides highly personalized education to its students.  Marymount is a Catholic institution, and about 45% of the students are Catholic.  The college requires students to take one religion course to graduate, but our tour guide, who was not Catholic, told us that his Comparative Religion course was the best he had taken at Marymount.

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