Claremont McKenna College

Founded in 1946 and originally a men’s college, Claremont McKenna College (CMC) is one of the five Claremont undergraduate institutions. With 1,335 undergraduates, students focus on the practical application of the liberal arts. It is clear students are happy here given its 97% first-year retention rate.

Top majors include Economics, Government, Psychology, International Relations. Most popular sequences are Data Science, Financial Economics, Leadership and Computer Science. CMC touts that 95% of students have at least one internship before graduation.

Similar to the other schools in the Claremont consortium, students can take up to half their coursework at the other colleges. If a major is not offered at CMC, students can complete the major at one of the other colleges but will still receive a CMC degree (i.e. Theater). 

One unique feature of CMC’s cultural life is the Athenaeum, which brings speakers from all over the world and disciplines to campus. Not only do the students enjoy listening and talking to the speakers, the rave about the food served!

Most students live on campus all 4 years. There are no first year dorms – in order to achieve a mentorship relationship between older and younger peers. 

CMC students are driven and ambitious, involved at leadership levels in multiple activities. CMC is need-blind for U.S. citizens, need-aware for international students, and meets 100% of demonstrated need.  CMC gives very limited merit aid to a very small number of students.

Most of the Magellan team has visited CMC and all of the five Claremont Colleges, and we send students to each of them regularly.  You can see our CMC photo album below.

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