Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly SLO is one of the superstars of the Cal State system.  With its “hands-on, practical” approach, Cal Poly students dig into the courses associated with their major from the minute they step onto campus.  Cal Poly requires students to declare a major when they apply, and the deep entrenchment in major studies as a first-year student makes it difficult to change majors once enrolled.  Cal Poly has the #3 Architecture program in the country.  The most popular majors are Business, Engineering and Architecture.  The Art & Design major requires a portfolio for admission.

Cal Poly prefers the ACT over the SAT, and unlike most of the other 22 Cal State campuses, Cal Poly does not give preference to applicants from specific local counties.  Students are high-achieving and driven to succeed both before and while at Cal Poly.

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