American Jewish University

AJU is the home to just a few hundred undergraduates, plus several hundred more graduate students (including rabbinical students), in the hills above the 405 freeway in Bel Air.  Students under the age of 21 or with fewer than 60 units are required to live on campus.  Some graduate students and faculty live in the campus housing as well.

AJU’s small size allows students to work closely with professors in a variety of disciplines.  AJU’s academic programs are listed here; their Graduate School for Non-Profit Management is very highly regarded.  While the college does incorporate cultural and ethical aspects into different fields of study, about 10% of the students are not Jewish.  Students are free to attend, or not attend, any religious observances held on campus.  The dining hall is Kosher.

AJU has their own online application (they are not a member of the Common App) and they place significant weight on community service experience.  AJU is a great place for students who thrive in small learning environments.

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