College Application Resources

College Application Resources

There is a fire hose of information out there about colleges and the application process.  We’ve sifted through some of the vast amount of information out there to find the materials that are most useful to you.  Here are some college application resources to help you navigate this exciting (but sometimes daunting) process.

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College Information

We’ve visited over 350 colleges and universities all across the country.  We write a summary of each visit to try to give you an idea of what it would be like to go there, and post photo albums from each college.  We’ve also attended dozens of college information sessions and met with dozens of college admission officers, which helps us learn more about colleges you may not yet know much about.  Here are links to all of these resources:

We’ve also put together some good information about applying to the colleges in the University of California system. And, if you’re interested in attending a private college, we’ve got you covered there, too.

College Search Sites

People are unique and college lists are too!  When you put in the time to research each college, you may find a few that really feel like a good match.  These college search resources can help you determine which colleges are a good fit for you.

College Counseling Resource Guide

We’ve put together an excellent college counseling resource guide with some helpful information about the entire college search and application process.

Just For Parents

For parents, there’s this list of 10 things parents should know before your son or daughter applies to college. It’s a quick read and well worth your time.

Just for Students

For students, you can download these informative resources:

Test Preparation

We’ve got some terrific Free SAT and ACT prep resources for you.


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