College Admissions Timing: When Will I Know? When Should I Visit?

People always ask us about the college admissions timeline – when will we hear our admission decisions?  When should we go visit colleges?  February is a bit of a strange time for high school seniors.  After putting so much effort into their college applications in the fall, now is a “quiet period,” as many colleges read and make admission decisions.  Many of the highly selective colleges will release their decisions in late March.  Many colleges, though, have already sent decisions, and scholarship awards, and seniors should consider visiting colleges now, before the crush of spring break visitors.

When should juniors visit colleges?  I talk about this in the short video below – and I also reference this blog post from a few months ago on how to make the most of your college visits!

We hope this post answers some of your questions about the college admissions timeline, and what you can expect when your child is a high school senior!

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