College Admission Testing, Demystified.

College admission testing is probably one of the most discussed and most confusing parts of the college admission process.  Most colleges went test-optional by necessity in 2020, and many have continued the policy of not requiring test scores (more on what test-optional means, and why so many colleges stayed that way, here).

Burning Questions About College Admission Testing

How much should you prep?  Which test(s) should you take?  When should you start this process?  Should you take and submit a test at all?  Will colleges just assume your test scores are low if you don’t submit?  We hear these questions every day from clients and parents, and we offer answers that are geared towards reducing everyone’s stress.

I sat down for a mutual interview with Nika Fouquet, who has been helping students with test prep for over a decade, and who has a team of tutors who work with students both with test prep and with their school subjects.  First I interviewed Nika about what you can expect from test prep and how to maximize your score increase.  Then she interviewed me about the college admission process, and where college admission testing fits into the picture.

We hope you learn something from our exchange!

As always – if you decide you need some guidance as you decide where to apply and whether applying to a religiously affiliated college is right for you, please reach out to us!  We’re here to support you through the testing maze and all stages of your college admission journey!

#TeamPenguin is your expert guide, here to help!

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