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Magellan’s Boston College Counselors

At Magellan, we help students and families navigate the college search process.  Our goal is to make finding and getting into the right college easier, less stressful, more successful and more fun.  Each of our Boston college counselors is a college admissions professional with years of experience and membership in professional college counseling organizations.

Working with our Boston College Counselors

The college admissions process has become difficult and frustrating for both students and parents.  College costs are rising, students are applying to more colleges than ever, and the applicant pool is fiercely competitive.  That’s where Magellan College Counseling, with Boston college counselors and our team members in the Los Angeles area, can be a valuable resource to you and your child.

Read more about our Boston college counselors here.

Briana Bouchard

Briana Bouchard, one of our Boston college counselors

Briana Bouchard

College counselor Briana Bouchard found her passion for helping others find their way through the college search process shortly after navigating her own way through the process. In her first year at Tufts University, she became involved in the admissions office as a tour guide and spent the following three years in various volunteer positions, including her role as a panelist for Engineering open houses.

After graduating from Tufts with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Design, she found herself…Read more about Briana Bouchard

Jennifer Stephan

Jennifer Stephan, one of our Boston college counselors

Jennifer Stephan

College counselor Jennifer Stephan has spent her entire career in higher education. She is an expert college adviser with years of experience, putting that knowledge towards helping your child get into college. As a college interviewer, college admissions officer, and a parent, she knows the college application process, as well as the stress it can produce for both students and parents, well.

As a parent, you may not know how to start helping your student get into college, but Jennifer can… Read more about Jennifer Stephan

Evelyn Alexander

Evelyn Alexander, one of our Los Angeles college counselors

Evelyn Alexander

Magellan founder Evelyn Alexander is passionate about helping students get into college.  Her dedicated approach to guiding students on how to best present themselves and their accomplishments in college applications has resulted in her helping hundreds of students get into great colleges and universities all over the country.

Based in the Los Angeles area , Evelyn founded Magellan College Counseling in 2011 after spending 15 years as a volunteer… Read more about Evelyn Alexander

Meet our Los Angeles College Counselors

Each student is unique, and so are our college counseling services.  Call us or use our contact form to set up a time for us to talk.  Whether you’re in or near Boston or you live far away, Magellan College Counseling can help you.  We offer both local in-person college counseling as well as remote college counseling.  Find out which of our Boston college counselors is best for you and your student.  Reach out via our contact form or call us at 310-351-9309.

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