Should I Apply Early Decision?

Before answering the question, “should I apply Early Decision,” we need to get our terminology clear: Early Decision is a BINDING contract between the student and the school.  If you are admitted, you are going, no ifs, ands or buts (the one exception to this is if you are not offered a financial aid package … Read more

The Black Box of A College Admissions Decision

“It’s very dangerous,” UCLA Admissions Director Gary Clark said to me recently, “to try to reverse-engineer a particular college admissions decision.” You know how you’ve heard that your hairdresser’s best friend’s mailman’s son got into Yale, and he had straight Bs and except for the C he got in Chemistry?  And everyone heard about the … Read more

College Visits: What Do We Need To Know?

Families frequently ask us about college visits.  We’ve compiled some of the top questions we receive, and our responses, below. Should we visit colleges? YES!  You should visit colleges, starting as early as the 10th grade.  Your goal for visiting colleges to to gather information – about the academic life, the social life, the support … Read more

Extra-Curricular Activities

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is “what are the best extra-curricular activities?” The truth is, there are no “right” or “wrong” extra-curricular activities.  It doesn’t matter if you’re involved in student government, band/music, a sport (in school or club level), community service, scientific research, or something completely unconnected with school.  It’s … Read more

Resources for College Essays

School’s out – it’s time to start your college essays!  Can’t figure out where to start? Here are a few quick links to resources to help you brainstorm as you begin writing your college essays! Here are the Common Application essay prompts for the Class of 2019 (write one of the 7 prompts; max word count … Read more

Getting Into College

One of our clients’ parents recently forwarded an email from his alumni association – he attended an Ivy League university.  The message was sent to alumni who are involved in interviewing students for this particular university, and it noted that of the about 35,000 applications this university received last fall from the Class of 2018, … Read more

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