Back To School Senior Tips

We’re back to school and you know what that means – it’s time to get those college applications started!

So here are just a few tips for high school seniors.

  1. Finalize your college list!  All of the work flows from the list.  You’ll know everything you need to know – essay supplements, deadlines, all that good stuff, once you finalize your list.  It’s fine to throw another college or two on a bit later, or change your mind and remove one, but the closer you get to considering your list final, the better, and the sooner you can actually get started on your college applications.
  2. Make sure your list is balanced!  We really mean this.  Right now you are probably looking at your list as the list from which you will decide where you will go to college.  You’re skipping that little step in the middle, and you have to realize that you may get some bad news.  So when your counselor at school, or your independent counselor like me, tells you that you need a balanced list, it’s really because we want to see you have choices next spring – real choices that you really like.  Love your safeties, because that’s where you might end up.
  3. Send your test scores!  If you’re done testing, don’t wait!  Send scores now.  Colleges will be thrilled to open up a file for you and just wait for you to submit the rest of your application components – transcripts, teacher recommendations, your application and essays.  You absolutely don’t need to wait until you submit to send test scores.  If you’re done testing, send them now!
  4. Finally, ask your teachers – nicely – if they would feel comfortable writing an AWESOME letter of recommendation for you.  Ask them now.  Don’t wait until 2 weeks before the deadline – give them some time and let them write it early.  If your school uses Naviance, you will invite them through your Naviance account (you’ll need to waive FERPA, and then connect your Naviance with your Common App before you can invite them – see this video for more on this!).  If your school does not use Naviance, you will most likely invite your teachers to submit recommendations directly through the Common App or Coalition App.  Remember, the UCs do not require teacher recommendations.

And if you’d like to watch me say all of the above to you in 2.5 minutes, click play below!

Good luck – let’s get this thing going!

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