Athlete Accepted to His First Choice College

Ethan was a baseball player at Agoura High School who couldn’t count on being recruited and wasn’t motivated to figure out how to get into college. He wasn’t responding well to his parents’ advice, and he just needed a little help from someone else.

College Acceptance University of Arizona
Accepted to the University of Arizona!

I walked him through the college search process, worked with him to create a list of colleges that fit him well and that he liked, and then helped him prepare for college tours. Ethan was admitted to two of his top choices, and after he chose the University of Arizona, his mother wrote us a nice thank you note.

“Thank you SO MUCH for taking the stress out of this process and for helping us all along this journey.  You are invaluable.” — Jody, Ethan’s mother.

Ethan is an athlete accepted to his first choice college, but not all high school athletes can tell the same story. Some athletic programs can take a student’s focus off of academics, and that can be a challenge when applying for college.

Magellan College Counseling helps situations like this whether the student is fortunate enough to come to us before their senior year or during.

Either way, we give our students the personal attention they need to get into the colleges that are best for them. Call or email us today. Maybe you will be the next athlete accepted to his first choice college!

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