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If you are applying to any number of private colleges across the United States, you are likely to have already started your Common Application account (if you haven’t, that’s ok – but now would be a great time!)  And what is that Common App all about anyway?  Read this post for more info.

Even though you can apply to over 500 colleges via the Common App (which 500? Check this list), there are many that require you to fill out their specific school or state application.

Here are a whole bunch of links that you may need to apply to a variety of colleges:

  • University of California – 9 campuses, one application here.  Open now!  Must submit by November 30th.
  • California State University – 23 campuses all on this site.  Opens for Fall 2015 applications October 1.  Must submit by November 30th.

Here are a number of schools that are not on the Common Application to which California students frequently apply:

University of Alabama (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
University of Arizona
(open for Fall 2015 applications!)
Arizona State University (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
Georgetown University (fill out and submit Part I immediately so that they can open your applicant file. Submit Part II by the appropriate deadline.  Interviews are required for Georgetown; submitting Part I will start that process.)
Indiana University, Bloomington
University of Maryland (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
Michigan State University (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
Oregon State University (open starting 9/3 for Fall 2015 applications!)
University of Oregon (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
Pennsylvania State University (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
Rutgers University (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
All Texas public universities, including University of Texas (all campuses including the flagship at Austin), Texas A&M, Texas Tech and University of Houston
Tulane University
Washington State University (open for Fall 2015 applications!)
University of Washington (Fall 2015 application opens October 1)
University of Wisconsin at Madison (open for Fall 2015 applications!)

The following public universities accept applications through the Common App:

> Ohio State University
> University of Colorado, Boulder
> University of Connecticut
> University of Delaware
> University of Kentucky
> University of Massachusetts (all campuses)
> University of Michigan
> University of North Carolina
> University of Rhode Island
> University of Vermont
> University of Virginia

(There are many more – these are schools California students apply to frequently!)

University of Pennsylvania is private and accepts the Common App.

I took the photo in the header of this post during my visit to Carnegie Mellon University in the fall of 2013.

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