An Interview With College Counselor Debbie Liebert

Debbie Liebert has been with Magellan College Counseling since 2013.  After years as a classroom teacher and educator, Debbie was inspired to train as a college counselor because her three daughters took very different paths through the college application process.  She brings compassion and balance to a sometimes fraught and frustrating process.

I interviewed Debbie to help you understand her motivation more, and to get a better feel for what it would be like to work with her.  Having watched Debbie work with students and parents for seven years, I’ve received positive feedback from many families who never realized their students could take such ownership of their college search and achieve such amazing results.

As a Magellan veteran, Debbie inspires newer counselors on our team, helping them build their knowledge.  Part of our process is to circulate our students’ essays when they are close to final to counselors on our team who don’t know the student.  In this way, we can emulate how admission offices, who don’t spend time with each applicant as we do, review students’ essays for the first time.  Debbie is a trusted part of this process.

I hope you’ll find this interview with Debbie Liebert helpful, as you prepare to help your own child through the college admission process.  Thank you for relying on Magellan College Counseling for up-to-date information about how the world of college admissions is changing!


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