An Interview With College Counselor Caleb Fitzpatrick

Caleb Fitzpatrick has been with the Magellan College Counseling team about a year, but he’s not new to college advising.  After spending a number of years working in finance in Australia, Caleb returned to the US and went back to school to become a teacher.  It was then that he found the excitement of introducing high school students to college, and he decided to continue his training.  With a son who plays baseball, Caleb has an interest in working with student-athletes, and has undertaken additional training to sharpen his skills in guiding this special group through the college search process.

I interviewed Caleb to help you understand what drives him to help students and families on their path to college, and to get a better feel for what it would be like to work with him.  He’s insightful and committed to remaining fully informed about all of the details that can make a student’s college search process successful.

Caleb Fitzpatrick has integrated well into our team’s process.  Each of our clients has one of us as their lead counselor, but in our biweekly team meetings, we share information about our clients and rely on each other’s experience as we help each student build a balanced college list.  Additionally, we circulate our students’ essays to counselors on our team who don’t know the student.  In this way, we can emulate how admission offices, who don’t spend time with each applicant as we do, review students’ essays for the first time.

I hope you’ll find this interview with Caleb helpful, as you prepare to help your own child through the college admission process.  Thank you for relying on Magellan College Counseling for up-to-date information about how the world of college admissions is changing!


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