Admitted to Every College He Applied To

Not every student gets admitted to every college he applied to, but Riley did.  Riley, a High Tech High Los Angeles student, was worried about making the right college choice after watching his sister transfer from a smaller college, where she was unhappy, to a larger one.  He didn’t want to make the “wrong decision” like his sister did, so we discussed colleges I thought would be good matches for him, including many I had personally visited.

Accepted to the University of Oregon!
Admitted to the University of Oregon!

We built a college list he was very happy with. Riley was admitted to every college he applied to.  He eventually decided to attend the University of Oregon to major in psychology.  Riley’s parents, Eileen and Larry, wrote me with their thanks.

“The acceptance letters are here – too many to count!  [Our son] got into ALL of the colleges and universities that he had hoped for!  We are so relieved and ECSTATIC!  I cannot begin to express our gratitude for your guidance and wisdom as you assisted him through this entire process.  From start to finish you have been an invaluable partner, cheerleader, therapist, coach in addition to being the best professional college counselor we could have hoped for!” – Eileen, Riley’s mother

“I’m very grateful to you and for your care with him. You have been so wonderful! Thank you again for all.” – Larry, Studio City – Riley’s father.

It’s fairly uncommon for high school seniors to be admitted to every college they have on their list, but far more likely for students who work with a professional college counselor.

Working with a professional college counselor improves your chances of getting into the colleges that are best match for you.  We know the process, we know the colleges, and as soon as we get to know you, we might also be saying “he was admitted to every college he applied to” about your son or daughter!

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